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Benoa bay is a beautiful piece of nature located on the Bali island in Indonesia. It’s a unique 1400 hectare ecosystem which gets flooded during every high tide and dries out at the low tide. It’s like a living organism which breathes in and out twice a day. It contains mangrove forests, five rivers, 24 Hindu temples, some of them located under water, which are only accessible during the low tide and 12 villages that are home to 150 thousand people, many of which make their living as fishermen in the Benoa Bay.

For years this area used to be a national park, but the former Indonesian president has, only weeks before the end of his term, changed it into a developer area. Currently, a three billion dollar project is being planned. It consists of 12 artificial island with resorts, five-star hotels, villas, casino, golf course and a Disney-themed park.

I have lived in Bali for some time now and I can tell you that there is absolutely no reason for these artificial island to be constructed. There is more than enough space for all of these tourist facilities on the land.

If we don’t stop this project to be built, it will be the end of Benoa Bay as we know it.

Please share this, so that even people outside of Indonesia can get to know this issue and double-please sign the petition linked under this video. You signature will help the Balinese NGOs to negotiate with government officers.